A Brief History of AGV Helmet

Being a Motorcyclist, you will get absolutely run into the brand AGV, most likely simply because that one of many worlds’ most popular motorcyclists dons them consistently, Valentine Rossi. With all the excessive styles and the renowned variety 46 painted about them, they may be nearly impossible to miss along with the 7 time world winner wears these with satisfaction. Even so the background of the company moves dating back to the 1940’s and is not going to get started with the development of exactly what is now acknowledged as among the very best motorcycle helmet businesses on earth.

AGV Helmets

In 1946, Amisano Gino Valenza began a firm designing and production leather-based seating and natural leather motorcycle saddles plus it was not right up until 1947 that they can access the motorcycle helmet market place. They began away from by trying out diverse methods to produce a revolutionary helmet which had been as opposed to some other produced just before. The buzz of those helmets expanded rapidly, mostly inside the sports activity rushing community, as a result of motorcyclists wanting a far more professional and innovative design and style. The business prided their selves in generally striving for anything better than usually the one earlier produced and that generated those getting executives in the growth of the motorcycle helmet.

AGV Helmets made their symbol of all time in 1949 with the first leather material shelled open up confronted helmet getting made and produced. Earlier to the, hardly any other firm got developed such a helmet and very soon it grew to be a legendary relocate which had been duplicated by other businesses. It was not till 1953 how the very first fiberglass vulcanized helmet was made which started from the sequence of improvements resulting in the helmets we may acknowledge right now. The very first at any time fully fiberglass open experienced helmet was produced a year later and took the world by thunderstorm.

It absolutely was the growth of the very first totally fiberglass helmet which led to the company becoming asked to help build a downhill ski helmet to the 1km downhill skiing speed history. Using their knowledge, they were able to produce one of several best skiing helmets ever made which catered particularly for this enduring sports activity. With the achievements of the skiing helmet, AGV moved this expertise to the motorcycle market which culminated in the first ever complete faced fiberglass helmet.

It was actually this that had become the strategy to the helmets we identify right now. The AGV company has become presented with the consistent using the helmets inside the motorcycle race entire world. These helmets have been respected to safeguard the heads of planet winner motorcyclists like Barry Sheene, Giacomo Agostini and more lately Max Biaggi, Troy Corser and also the famous Valantino Rossi. Rossi has even delivered to developing his very own exclusive and luxurious styles which can be from time to time created to the retail marketplace as replicas in the original.