Hobart Handler 140 Welder Powerful Tool Used For General And Industrial

However, when you are working on a smaller scale, for the sake of Efficiency, you generally need the most lightweight and portable equipment that is still appropriate to the job at hand.Oddly enough, it may actually be more difficult to select a Terrific MIG welder with introductory or mid-range pricing. As you are at much greater risk of falling poorly made imitations and knock-offs. When that happens, you do not just waste money, you waste time.One of the many Hobart wire-feed welders on the market Presently, the Handler 140 is easily their most popular version.Because it is a completely independent kit that is still MIG ready. Equally important, it is an extremely portable design that makes it effortless to transfer the Handler 140 from 1 place to the next.

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

MIG Welding Power

The Handler 140 is driven by 115-volts of present, so it only Requires a 20-amp circuit to do well. On the front side of this Handler 140, a five-position voltage controller selector lets you change the arc, enabling you to keep it smooth and stable as you move between materials of different thickness.Moreover, the Hobart 140 MIG Welder review was assembled with an industrial Cast aluminum drive system, alongside a heavy duty work clamp. On its upper preferences, it welds mild steel and stainless steel with confidence. You can really work through about a quarter inch of thickness when welding stainless steel. Not bad.From a superficial point of view, the Handler 140 Resembles a fairly ordinary corded-electric MIG welder. It measures about 19 x 11 x 13-inches, and weighs approximately 57lbs. Relative to its capacities, that is certainly quite portable. The only thing actually limiting this tool is that the duty cycle, which is 20 percent at 90A.

The Handler 140 includes basically everything you want to Begin with a new MIG welder. That includes a MIG gun, gas hose, double gauge regulator, 10ft power cable, and cable clamp. Additionally, it contains an eight-inch spool adapter and pair of additional 0.03 contact hints and 0.03 sample spool of flux-cored wire. None of these pieces look particularly cheap, either.Another thing that makes the Handler 140 popular is it is Really welcoming to inexperienced users. Even for someone who’s unfamiliar with MIG welding, the cover includes a setup guide that ensures the procedure is about as straightforward as possible.However, you don’t need to be a newcomer to love intuitive design. It is frustrating when things are more difficult than they have to be. Preventing that kind of needless frustration is exactly what Hobart’s design is actually all about. In the end, it might be worth noting, the Hobart Handler 140 is made in America, and is encouraged by their industrial 5-year guarantee.Hobart stands out in this price range Due to the quality of the equipment.Another shell could be made of mostly plastic parts, or you might end up getting a substandard regulator.